Synergy: Where Music, Business & Culture Synchronize

99.1 FM WDJY- Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Andrea M. JohnBaptiste, Synergy is a weekly radio show focused on the intersection of music, business and culture. On Synergy, listeners can enjoy lively banter, cutting edge information and edutaining content, through interviews with emerging and legendary artists and new music with urban and Caribbean cultural underpinnings.

On the Road with Synergy is a showcase of events, festivals and shows where we catch up with performers, event organizers and guests; providing listeners with insight into the music industry, motivation behind the music and thoughts and perspectives from artistes. Video clips and live streams through the show’s social media platforms also provide listeners with live-time highlights of community activities and events.

Synergy is managed supported by a strong and knowledgeable production team that includes interns from local colleges and universities.

Tune in every Thursday @ 5:00PM for Synergy Live!

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About Our Host

Andrea M. JohnBaptiste, is an entrepreneur who loves music and was inspired to share the intersection of those things she holds dear: music, business, culture. 

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Music: Growing up in a home and environment where music was heavily created and consumed, she was exposed to all genres especially the internationally acclaimed and modeled sounds of Jamaican music. “Synergy is my love story to music,” she says, “I have no real musical talent, but a strong love and appreciation for this universal language.”

Business: She is CEO of Axum Management Capabilities, Inc– a South Florida-based global business development firm, where she leads a team of six Knowledge Brokers ™ in helping individuals and organizations move from capability to actuality, since 2006.  She has been recognized for her works by the National Women’s Project, the Broward County Women’s Hall of Fame, Broward County Board of County Commissioners and the Afrikan Kulcha School.  She holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management (MAOM).

Culture: Rasta, African, Caribbean, Jamaican, Woman- all wrapped into a petite spit fire who is always willing to explore and discuss cultural perspectives and learn more.  Andrea is a curious and experienced people watcher which gives her insights into her cultural musings.  She holds a Bachelors in Sociology with concentrations in Race & Ethnicity and Gender Studies.  She is a wife and mother; married to a serial- entrepreneur, DJ and musicologist- her husband John often joins her as co-host and music historian.